Whenever you’re going through a bad day just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good.
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if ur sad do not fear friend i am sending puppies to help u


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Almost giving myself a heart attack by setting off the fire alarm…



The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy - Epilogue Season One

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It’s the epilogue for season one… a snapshot at two months later.


"The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy" is a modern transmedia digital series adapted from J.M. Barrie’s novel "Peter and Wendy."
Created by Kyle Walters and Shawn deLoache

In This Episode:
Peter Pan - Kyle Walters
Tinker Bell

Director - Matthew Breault
Writer - Shawn deLoache
Producer/Unit Production Manager - Adam Laupus
Producer/Casting - Jenni Powell

When the book I’m reading references an obscure journal article that I’ve actually read


i think you get my message…lol
Get your daily dose of encouragement!!!!


i think you get my message…lol

Get your daily dose of encouragement!!!!


You CAN do the thing!

3 months till thesis…..


You CAN do the thing!

3 months till thesis…..



Trailer for The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

So, real talk, when I first heard about this, it gave me secondhand embarrassment. I can’t explain to all of you why, it just did. But, after watching this, I’m 100% confident I’m watching it.

It looks fun! I love the way it’s shot. Everything about it is cute (my 16-year-old self is crying that I used the word cute positively). Someone tell Kyle and Jenni I’m totally on board. Because they totally care about my opinion.

A while back there was a post somewhere that linked to their ModCloth campaign and I bought the last pair of these amazing pants (that I love to punk it up in) and now I’m like hells yeah!

Also, that’s a long hashtag. Umm… tnaop+w? Still long. Meeehhhh

We totes care about your opinion!  To the max!  (This is Jenni, by the way).  And I’ve been using #new peter and wendy, if that helps.  ;)

Everyone should watch this! It’s so cute :)



the look on their faces though. its like “omfg, charles. charles, charles. THE HUMAN IS WAVING. WAVE BACK, HURRY.”

omg cutest ever


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